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Bruin Café is open until 7:30 pm

The Study at Hedrick is open until 4:30 pm

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Bruin Plate opens for Dinner at 5:00 pm
Pork w/ Buckwheat Noodle in Roasted Vegetable Broth, Lentil, Beet, Wheat Berry & Kale Bowl, Lemongrass Beef w/ Brown Rice & Cucumber Relish, Braised Parsnips & Carrots over Brown Sticky Rice...

De Neve opens for Dinner at 5:00 pm
Carnitas Quesadillas, Mid-West Honey Mustard Chicken, Savory Cornmeal Waffle...

Covel opens for Dinner at 5:00 pm
Linguini w/ Shrimp Scampi, Herb Linguini w/ Artichokes, Persian Joojeh Saffron Lemon Chicken Wings...

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Take Out

Rendezvous opens at 5:00 pm

Nutrition Tip

Eat Breakfast. Start your morning with a healthy breakfast that includes lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.